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Treatment decisions are normally left until after all relevant tests have been completed. Hopefully you won’t need formal “treatment”, and all that is needed is information and reassurance.

A great deal of my work is working with women and men who have fertility issues. There are many fertility treatments and so finding out exactly which treatment you need is very important.

The first step in any gynealogical treatments is a clear and understandable explanation. When patients have a delay in conceiving then they will often turn to the internet. This can be a very daunting experience being swamped with technical terms, scientific jargon and sometimes unhelpful advice. This is also the case with well intention advice from friends and family.

There is not one answer for everybody and different people require different approaches to similar situations.

Treating patients is a two way relationship. I advise as to what I believe are the correct ways forward and the advice will be honest and scientifically based. With time and experience in dealing with sub-fertility it is increasingly apparent that what I believe to be the best medical approach is not always the path that patients wish to proceed.

A patient’s right to make their own decisions (autonomy) is a very important part of the relationship between patient and doctor. This is particularly the case when considering fertility, because it is never possible to promise that a particularly treatment will definitely result in the birth of a healthy baby. People will view success rates differently. A potential success rate of 45% will seem high to some whilst low to others.  When rates fall below 5% some patients will want to continue whilst others would consider other options. It is natural for a doctor to steer patients towards those treatment options that will provide the most success.

I offer medical fertility treatments including ovulation induction, intra-uterine insemination, IVF and ICSI. I aim to undertake the majority of follicle tracking (ultrasound) egg collections and embryo transfers. The laboratory (embryology) part of the treatment is carried out in a HFEA licensed clinic.

I perform keyhole and open surgery in the diagnosis of subfertility and treating issues such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, uterine polyps and fibroids.

I also offer treatments for general gynaecological problems, including menstrual, contraception and menopausal treatments.

I look after women with early pregnancy problems including ultrasound, and management and investigation of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.

My private practice mirrors my NHS practice and I do not offer treatment for cervical issues (colposcopy), bladder problems or gynecological cancer.

Consultations, tests and treatments can be arranged via contacting my PA, Ms Yvonne Baillie on 0207 125 0547 email or email her here