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I see many patients who are going through the menopause. Many of these women will have an early or premature menopause – this is a menopause before the age of 45.

Hormone changes are experienced by just about all women at the time of the menopause, however not all women need to see a specialist. The menopause is a natural event and many symptomatic women will go on with life content to know that these changes are a part of life and that in themselves the symptoms are not dangerous. The time of menopause may well coincide with wider life changes.

Some women will have symptoms that they are not able or willing to tolerate and wish for help and advice. Symptoms are wide ranging – physical, emotional and psychological. These symptoms maybe relatively short lived (although it’s often difficult for patients to believe that they will ever settle down!) or there maybe long-term concerns such as bone changes.

There are lots of treatment options available – simply talking through lifestyle changes, acupuncture for acute symptom relief, counselling and psychological support. Some women will want to have hormone replacement therapy, and although safe and beneficial for many – it is necessary to discuss the good points, as well as potential risks and complications.

If you are having irregular bleeding around the time of the menopause then this can be investigated by an ultrasound scan and a biopsy of the womb, which is normally undertaken in the outpatient clinic at the same time. The laboratory results of the biopsy take three days to be reported.

Menopause consultations and tests can be arranged via contacting my PA, Ms Yvonne Baillie on 0207 125 0547 or email her here.