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Gynae Check Up

I offer a single visit check-up for women including pelvic ultrasound, cervical smear infection (STD) screen if requested.

I undertake the procedures in the clinic. The ultrasound and examination findings are discussed with you at the time of the appointment and the smear and infection test results will be forwarded to you within 5 working days. Typically my patients often request to have their results sent to them via email, but I can accommodate follow ups face to face or over the phone – however you feel most comfortable. I find that email works well for getting back to patients about normal results.

Pelvic ultrasound is an excellent method of characterising the womb and ovaries. Most women without symptoms will have normal findings. I always counsel patients that there maybe  incidental findings that are completely healthy such as small ovarian cysts or fibroids. We are all different shapes and sizes on the outside, so we should expect to all be a little different on the inside! If there are unexpected findings that are found during the gynae check up then I will explain any necessary next steps.

A gynae check up is available in Central and North London and takes approximately 45 minutes.

Check up consultations can be arranged via contacting my PA, Ms Yvonne Baillie on 0207 125 0547 or email her here.