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Early Pregnancy

If you find out that you are pregnant then there are always going to be loads of questions and concerns, the biggest one is everything OK?

If your menstrual cycle is regular then a heart beat can be seen at 6 weeks since your last period. I normally recommend an internal ultrasound scan from 7 weeks just in case ovulation (egg release) has occurred a little later than you think. It can be very nerve-wracking waiting a week after a first scan is equivocal.

If a heart beat is seen then I don’t normally suggest a repeat scan until 11-12 weeks for your dating scan. However if you have any symptoms such as bleeding or pain then a repeat scan should be done.

Once you have been reassured that the pregnancy is in the correct place and the heartbeat has been seen, then the next worry is about the pregnancy being healthy and “normal”. There is now a very accurate blood test, called the Harmony Test, which can identify the major chromosomal issues such as Down’s syndrome. The Harmony test identifies tiny amounts of the early pregnancy’s genetic material in the mum’s blood. Amazing. The accuracy of the test is extremely high. More information can be found at the Harmony website http://www.ariosadx.com

Sad news

Unfortunately not all early pregnancies continue and many pregnancies will stop growing (miscarry). In most women it is perfectly safe to wait for the pregnancy to pass naturally without any medical intervention, but some women will opt for a surgical procedure to empty the uterus. More information is available here about the options. Very rarely the pregnancy will implant outside of the uterus (the most common place being inside fallopian tube) and this is known as an ectopic pregnancy. When this happens surgery (keyhole) is normally performed to remove the pregnancy together with the fallopian tube.

Early pregnancy consultations and ultrasound can be arranged via contacting my PA, Ms Yvonne Baillie on 0207 125 0547 or email here