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Fertility Tests and Treatment

If you are having problems in trying to get pregnant then you are not alone! When there is a delay in conceiving then its important for you to know that most will go on to conceive without any help or treatment.However if you haven’t managed to conceive then there is a great deal that can be looked at and there are lots of treatment choices.

When you are trying to get pregnant it often seems that pregnancy is everywhere and that everyone is able to get pregnant except you. This is a particularly sensitive and difficult position to be in, particularly when you are receiving a lot of “well-meaning” advice from family and friends and the internet is full of so much information- it is difficult to know what is sensible.

It is very tempting to jump straight into detailed investigation and rush to treatment, but I believe it is very important to listen to a patient’s specific story and journey to date. Although people may share similar fertility symptoms and problems- the answers are often different, so  taking time to listen to your specific issues is important. Fertility issues often come with a wide range of medical and emotional issues that need to be identified at the beginning.

If you are in a relationship, I like to see both partners as early as possible. There is often a great deal of confusion caused by information being relayed from one partner to another. This can add to the overall worry of the situation, and the process is far more straightforward if the management details are shared from the beginning. At the start of the journey it often seems that one partner has an issue, but with many couples both partners have some issue than affects their fertility.

Many people find it a bit embarrassing when starting to discuss intimate parts of your health and relationships- but these issues need to be openly talked about at the consultation. Fertility problems are unfortunately very common so you are not alone have a look at the infertility network website. I give as much time as possible to listening to your concerns and worries. Everyone that comes to discuss fertility issues will be worried, some more so than others. Some situations are more difficult to treat than others, but I will listen to your specific concerns and hopefully find a way forward.

The vast majority of the medical testing can be completed within a month and details of male and female tests can be found here:

Get pregnant Female tests
Get pregnant Male tests

Fertility consultations, tests and treatments can be arranged via contacting my PA, Ms Yvonne Baillie on 0207 125 0547 or email her here