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Fertility test prices

Below are the most commonly requested fertility test prices.

There are many more tests  available and the prices are available on request. Please see the small print at the end of the list.

Consultation only
New consultation (45 minutes) £250
Follow up consultation £150
Skype consultations available
Diagnostic tests
Ovarian reserve test (FSH/ LH / Estradiol/ AMH) £150
HIV/ Hepatitis B & C screen £95
Progesterone £35
Urine Chlamydia £35
Semen analysis £175
BHCG (blood pregnancy test) £35
Transvaginal/abdominal ultrasound £150
3D Saline sonography £300
3D HYCOSY (includes saline sonography) £400
Ultrasound cycle monitoring (max three scans/ cycle) £300


All investigations include an administration fee (both blood tests and ultrasounds).

If you are able to have them performed elsewhere at a lower cost then please let us know so that we can try and help ensure that they are carried out completely.

Having the investigations carried out elsewhere will not affect your treatment at all, but please ensure that they are forwarded onto us in a timely fashion.