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Fertility tests

There are many fertility tests (investigations) available for those wanting to try and conceive. It is really important to listen to your individual situation as everyone is different. Talking through your journey can be hard but it is essential to try and collect as much information as possible. If you have had tests done already then it would be good to either email them beforehand or alternatively bring them to the consultation. I offer fertility tests for both women and men.

The first level of fertility tests should really be quite straightforward and a clear understanding of how to proceed is normally achievable within one menstrual cycle. These initial tests will give information about the shape and size of the ovaries and womb, blood tests checking for egg release (ovulation), ovarian reserve (sometimes called “the fertility test”) and a sperm test. It is also possible to check the fallopian tubes at the same time.

Once we have the information for ovulation, fallopian tubes and sperm an outline plan can made either for more investigation or treatment. The next steps will differ according to your specific issues, requirements and test results.

Sometimes more complex investigations are required such a key hole surgery (laparoscopy), camera check of the womb (hysteroscopy) or more detailed sperm checking.

It’s always tempting to think about what the next steps for treatments are going to be….but it’s important that all the basic information is gathered beforehand. Most fertility tests are quick and straightforward

Fertility consultations, tests and treatments can be arranged via contacting my PA, Ms Yvonne Baillie on 0207 125 0547 or email her here