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Using Ovulation Monitors

There are electronic gadgets used to measure all sorts things, heart rate, steps taken…calories burned 🙁 …..the list goes on and on.

So why not use a gadget to monitor ovulation? And are they useful? Points of view differ.

Many (if not most) of the women that come to see me use a cycle monitoring app. I think they are really helpful when trying to work out how regular the cycle is and can be useful in trying to time the fertile window. These apps are a modern take on the age old approach of counting days…..remember your fertility window is BEFORE ovulation..which tends to occur 14 days BEFORE  your period starts..

But measuring ovulation surges in urine….I am not so sure it is really that helpful if you have a regular cycle and you are not in a treatment program. Lots and lot of couples find that they add to the tension of trying to conceive and are a source of friction between partners. If you are going to use them then try NOT to use them EVERY month, perhaps spending the money on a little treat for yourself!

The best way to confirm that you have ovulated is a progesterone blood test taken 7 days before your expected start of your period.